Case Study – Utilitywise

Townhouse Hotel and Burt’s Hotel Melrose, Scotland

Service provided
 Account Care
 Energy Audit
The Townhouse Hotel and Burt’s Hotel are located in Melrose in the Scottish Borders. Owned and run by the Henderson family, the two businesses were facing increasing energy costs and were struggling to find opportunities to make savings through the busy summer season.
Utilitywise made contact with the Townhouse Hotel through our partnership with the Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce. The account was managed entirely by the Partner Channel and resulted in an annual saving of approximately £3,110 on electricity alone – a fantastic saving of £9,330 over the duration of their three-year contract. This represents a 15% saving against their current electricity contract.
The success was repeated at Burt’s Hotel, with gas contracts quickly following on from the electricity contracts. Hotelier Nick Henderson said: “I discovered Utilitywise through their partnership with the Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce. From the moment I began speaking to Sean Pinder, our account manager, I have found Utilitywise to be efficient, professional, and extremely swift at negotiating with the various energy suppliers.
“Sean has secured our gas and electricity prices for the next 3 to 5 years. My savings between the two hotels could be as much as £10,000.
“I would have no hesitation in recommending Utilitywise to anyone wishing to engage their services.”
Utilitywise Energy Audits will be conducted at both hotels. This will identify ways for the hotels to reduce their energy consumption and cut their costs even further. Utilitywise Energy Audits analyse everything from staff behaviour to lighting. The Audit will outline energy inefficiencies and suggest ways for the hotels to make improvements, as well as providing predicted payback periods for each suggestion.

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